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Sagebrush is a suite of software tools designed to help you and a Nevada attorney manage your Nevada business.

We believe strongly that Nevada is the best place to register your business, no matter where you live.

Why Nevada?

Nevada is the best place to register your business because of its low taxes, privacy, and strong legal protections.

Why Require an Attorney?

Our laws require that you have an attorney to represent your company. Our goal at Sagebrush is to solve common compliance problems as cheap as possible so you and your attorney can work on protecting your novel creations.


Here is what you get with Sagebrush:

Corporate Setup

Equity Management


Government Filings & Mail

Business Insurance

Email Bots

An email bot to answer many common questions about your business.


You will be required to pay government fees and licenses. We make best efforts through our open source software to let you know about these fees well in advance.

You cannot sign up for a Sagebrush account without a Nevada attorney.


Non-Profit organizations serve a higher purpose and are subject to many laws including public disclosure of their revenue and expenses. For these organizations we charge a one-time $300 onboarding fee, then $100 per year.

LLC Services

LLC organizations are best for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. We charge a one-time $500 onboarding fee, then $200 per year.

C-Corp Services

C-Corp organizations are best for venture-backed startups and companies that own other companies, such as LLCs. We charge a one-time $5000 onboarding fee, then $1000 per year.

Professional Responsibility of Attorneys

Any attorney that represents your company, will represent the company as a separate entity than its members. Nevada attorneys require that all companies to be ran in good faith and compliance with the laws. Any Nevada attorney reserves the right to terminate representation if they feel otherwise.